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Kiran Briggs Ramanathan Memorial Fund


Kiran Briggs Ramanathan

The Kiran Briggs Ramanathan Memorial Fund was set up to celebrate Kiran's life, by making charitable contributions to individuals and organizations that support children with complex medical challenges and their families.

Kiran is a Sanskrit name that means "ray of light" and his life truly embodied that idea. He was a happy, funny and silly boy who was full of love and wonder at his world.  He had a wicked sense of humor and found a way to make people laugh and look past his medical issues.  He knew no challenges that he couldn't conquer and saw no differences between people.  Preschool had transformed his world and he was blossoming into this amazing young person when he was taken away from us.

He taught us so much, he touched so many lives and the world has been changed forever.



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All donations to the Kiran Briggs Ramanathan Memorial Fund (a division of CHARITYSMITH) are tax deductible in accordance with federal tax laws. Donations can be made using one of the following secure methods:

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