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ctThe Claudia Lives On Memorial Fund was started in 2007 to continue the sharing spirit and ministries of Claudia Thomas, a woman of immense integrity, love and dedication to the positive empowerment of all individuals, most particularly women in need. Claudia overcame many obstacles throughout her lifetime including extensive disabilities, personal life challenges and homelessness. To honor and remember Claudia, it is the mission of this fund to help homeless, displaced women in transitional living programs throughout Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey, with scholarship money directed toward housing along with supportive mentoring services.  Journeying together with this mission, supporters actively give witness to the reality that indeed, bountiful blessings prevail... and Claudia lives on!

About Claudia
Born with a purposed passion for serving and empowering others, Claudia Thomas was directly involved with community ministries throughout her life. She was a master at assessing the needs of others and providing the links and tools necessary for them to succeed – needs ranging from the basics of food, clothing and shelter, to opportunities in education and employment, to direction for emotional and spiritual growth. Never in a hurry and always on time, Claudia excelled at sharing and offered to all a beautiful blend of caring validation and energizing empowerment.

Claudia’s professional and personal life afforded her unique and challenging assignments in administration as well as direct service. She held positions in the U. S. Military, and in the community based non-profit establishments of the Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC), Family and Children Social Services and LOVE, Inc. Perpetually productive, Claudia also volunteered her endless energies to faith-based organizations including Set Free Ministries and Shore Christian Center, establishing food pantries, soup kitchens and street outreach ministries for those without homes and those without hope. These partnerships provided Claudia with a myriad of opportunities to share her superb skills of discernment and direction. She was a master at hearing the spoken word and ever so often, the unspoken heart. She teamed well with all she encountered and proved herself one who excelled as both a project leader and a committee worker. Her tunneled-vision and forever focus remained on “task”, not “title”, reminding all through example that the key to success lies in maintaining an “attitude of gratitude”.

Surmounting numerous challenges throughout her life including homelessness, abuse and single parenting of two sons physically disabled with ataxia, Claudia persevered with immense integrity in prayer and passion. Her scintillating smile and upbeat personality served as a glorious gift of grace to all she befriended. Claudia was a dauntless crusader and advocate for the marginal, the meek, the disadvantaged, - "... the poor in the eyes of the world.” That little light of hers brilliantly beamed from the power of pure, organic goodness.

In December of 2004, at the age of 53, Claudia’s life was severely threatened. After stopping to assist with Good Samaritan efforts at a traffic accident she had just witnessed in her hometown, Howell, NJ, Claudia was struck by an automobile and suffered massive injuries which left her paralyzed. Throughout the magnanimous mountains this single mom climbed as she purposed ahead in her recovery journey, Claudia’s rock-solid faith and dedicated ministries sustained and strengthened her. Many marveled at the source of this strength. In response she offered a gift of little “joy bells” and a mini-music lesson to the tune of “The Joy of the Lord is Claudia’s strength!” These bells tolled the secret of her strength and zest for a life of service. She courageously continued her sharing outreach and passioned advocacies to any and all in need. Chronic pain and fragile health proved unable to weaken her stellar spirit. She rejoiced and welcomed each new day with her trademark mirthful mantra: “Praise the Lord and good morning!” while a sincerely spoken “I love you more” remained Claudia’s language for “goodbye”. She inspired and positively empowered others simply by caring, unconditionally. Pure and simple, she was the definition of a blessing!

Adhering to her “blessed to be a blessing” example, The Claudia Lives On Memorial Fund provides the opportunity for all to walk her ways, fostering healthy, productive futures for needy, displaced women. Journeying together with this mission, supporters actively give witness to the reality that indeed, bountiful blessings prevail ... and Claudia lives on!

2007 Initiatives
In 2007 with a focus on financially assisting children’s art / recreational needs, The Claudia Lives On Memorial Fund supported two non profit youth group initiatives: The Deliverance Temple’s African Cultural and Praise Dance Troupe Youth Ministry of Asbury Park, NJ and The North Camden Bengals Recreation League of Camden, NJ. The fund’s focus has changed and is now financially assisting needy, displaced women in transition with housing financial assistance through scholarship awards. To apply for scholarship select APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP.






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