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The Andy Gabrielson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Andy Gabrielson


Welcome to the Andy Gabrielson Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund is established in memory of storm chaser Andy Gabrielson.

The A.G. Memorial Scholarship honors Andy's legacy as a storm chaser and weather enthusiast by encouraging individual students to accomplish their dreams and goals, as Andy did, through higher education in meteorology studies.

This scholarship is awarded annually to students who are currently or seeking a college degree in meteorology, It is designed to help offset some of the financial burdens today's college students have with tuition.

The recipients of the scholarship should show a keen passion for the meteorological sciences, especially that of severe weather prediction and warning, along with academic excellence, and for putting oneself before others, as Andy did while out storm chasing.

With this scholarship, it is our goal to continue Andy's legacy, and passion for weather through its recipients.


Born on February 19, 1987, Andy grew up in Luverne, MN on the family farm. He was the proud father of his daughter born in November of 2008. During the spring tornado season he would relocate to Oklahoma, then follow the weather patterns back home to Luverne, later returning back south for the final weeks of the chase.

Since 2003 Andy storm-chased across the U.S., logging in some 180,000 + miles, over 150 tornadoes, in 24 states. However his passion didn't start there. Back in 1993 Andy and his dad witnessed a tornado roughly 2 miles from their farm in Minnesota. Since then, Andy wanted to learn more -- to study and document weather, which led him to where he was as a chaser.

Andy's ability to capture natures fury is beyond repute in the chasing world, even winning a regional Emmy Award in 2011 for footage of the 2010 Wilkin County, MN tornado. His videos and photos have been shown the world over, including the Weather Channel, interviews with Allison Cooper, MSNBC, The Today Show and many others.

However, that does not compare to the love he had for human life. Despite his passion to capture "the big one", he'd always stop his pursuit to lend a hand where needed, to the victims of tornadoes, even putting himself at risk sometimes to insure others where safe.

On February 4, 2012 while on his way back home to Luverne from chasing storms in Texas, Andy was hit head-on by a drunk driver going the wrong way on the Tulsa Turnpike, killing them both.

A week later he was laid to rest by his family, friends and fellow chasers.

He leaves behind a legacy of capturing storms, that fellow chasers only can dream of.


Please visit his website: and friend them on Facebook, where you will find many great weather photos, videos and more by Andy and his team. You can also find the Andy Gabrielson Memorial Scholarship Fund on Facebook, where we will post photos, comments, stories, news, and more regarding Andy and this scholarship.





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