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The Stephen J. Meszkat Jr. Memorial Fund

Stephen J. Meszkat Jr.

The Stephen J. Meszkat Jr. (1982-2011) Memorial Fund has been established to honor our beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend. Stephen’s fund is to assist a student at Fairfield University. Distributions will be awarded annually to a student at Fairfield University demonstrating an understanding of their personal excellence as a result of integrity, persistence and dedication in order to achieve one's goal.

The Stephen J. Meszkat Jr. Memorial Fund shall also contribute to the Salisbury School Crew program, instrumental in nurturing these same qualities, ensuring the same for other young men.

Stephen passed away on May 13, 2011 as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident. He was within weeks of his 29th birthday. Steve is survived by his parents, Susie and Steve Sr. and his sister Deirdre. He has left behind numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

About Steve

Stephen was born in Bedford, NY on June 15, 1982. His love of the outdoors started at a very young age and continued to be his passion for life. At 3½ yrs. he started skiing, at 5 yrs, golf. The family moved to New Canaan, CT in 1989. Steve loved his family, home and his town. He always gave his best for his family, a teacher, a coach, and his friends without any expectation in return. Steve worked hard, many times without reward. His success came from a positive attitude, and as a result of sheer determination and persistence.

He believed in and practiced “the other fellow first” a motto he learned at a young age at Camp Dudley. Generosity was a characteristic he possessed until he left this earth. In short, Steve was a great guy. He included EVERYONE. He was the guy that shouted your name in a crowd to make you feel welcomed. Countless letters arrived following Stephen’s passing saying that Steve “defined the word – friend,” “was a legend as a friend,” “was my best friend,” “extraordinary kindness, fundamental decency, upheld values on a daily basis,” “a true gentleman;” which are the highest compliments we continue to read. Stephen was gifted with a presence, not just physical. At 6’4” he was noticed when he walked into a room for his trademark, his hand extended and his…smile. There were so many different smiles and he shared them so confidently and generously. His voice was unmistakable, so deep, clear and reassuring. His ability to listen and gentleness for someone in need or unsure was a true gift. He was respectful and patient, always giving the benefit of the doubt and made people feel appreciated. Steve had an energy that people admired.

He was laid back, didn’t believe in rushing — we will miss this guy that slowed the rest of us down. He sensed the anxious; adults, children and animals. His ability to calm others was immediate.

Steve loved the outdoors. He couldn’t wait to get on the slopes, encouraging the rest of us “You can do it!” He was a gifted golfer always saying “Let the ball get in the way of your swing.” He loved fishing, his patience was stellar. He taught us so much.

Steve was fun loving, and a master on a grill, never abandoning his post. He was known for his expertise in cars and shared his passion with everyone. Steve came home at the age of 16 with his license, feeling accomplished and proud. It has a red heart on it, the gift of organ donation. Stephen changed so many lives for the better in his short time here.

Stephen made a huge difference in this world and will never be forgotten.

We love you Steve.





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