Ariana Milller - The Ariana FundThe Ariana Fund, established in 2008, celebrates the life of Ariana Miller by making grants to organizations and individuals in order to improve the quality of life of children with complex congenital heart disease.

Ariana was born in San Diego and spent her entire life in Southern California.  She was born with complex congenital heart disease requiring 5 heart surgeries and numerous other procedures before the age of 3.  She underwent an additional open heart surgery in 2005.  Ariana had been waiting for a heart transplant since June of 2007, and she spent the last 5 months of her life in the ICU at UCLA Medical Center.  Unfortunately, Ariana did not received her heart transplant, but she never gave up hope and her love of life.

Despite her physical ailments, Ariana led an extremely full and enjoyable life.  She had both a talent and passion for music.  She studied piano for several years and had an angelic voice.  If you ever had a chance to hear Ariana sing, you were indeed blessed.  She loved to cook almost as much as she loved to eat.  She had plans to be a chef one day and open a restaurant with her mother, Anita.  Although a fan of fine dining, her favorite food was an Arby’s Melt.  She once said it was the best food in the world “including Antarctica”. 

Traveling was another of her loves.  She would stay at any hotel as long as they had a hot tub.  She had fun-filled days at both Disneyland and Disney World.  She has been from the lakefront to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago.  She fished and ate bratwurst in Wisconsin.  She shopped Pier 39 and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  She traveled up the California coast and toured the Hearst Castle.  She snorkeled and indulged in a luau in Maui.  Probably her most favorite destination was Black Butte Ranch in Oregon where she rode horses, biked, swam, shopped in Sisters, and played in the mountain air.

Ariana was all about living life to its fullest, spreading love and joy along the way.  Foreshadowing her short stay on earth, she paid no attention to the typical earthly priorities that others fixate on.  She was and always will be a child of God. 


The Ariana Fund

Grants will be made to organizations and individuals in order to improve the lives of children with complex congenital heart disease. These are children that have a limited quality and length of life because their heart disease cannot be corrected or cured. They have limitations in physical activity and easily become short of breath. They suffer other complications that can affect almost every organ system further limiting their ability to lead a normal life. They undergo multiple surgeries and invasive procedures. Many of these children will ultimately require a heart transplant to survive and that is only a temporary solution if successful.

Ariana had a blessed, albeit short life.  Many of these children are not as fortunate.  The Ariana Fund was created to improve the lives of children stricken with complex congenital heart disease.   Future grants from the fund will include purchasing toys for children in the hospital, funding summer camp programs and other recreational outings and events, music therapy for ill children, providing financial assistance to families of children in the hospital, and promoting organ donation.

Some of the potential or past recipients include:



Fund Administrators:




Over $50,000 in grants since 2008!




This memorial fund is established as a division of CHARITYSMITH Nonprofit Foundation EIN 87-0636433. CHARITYSMITH is dedicated to the creation and governing of memorial endeavors. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with federal tax laws.  If you have any questions regarding this donation or memorial fund, please contact CHARITYSMITH at your convenience.






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